All the files below are files at one time or another I have found a use for. They have been downloaded from various Speccy Sites, most of which have a link on this website. As far as I am aware there is no copyrights on any of the below downloads. Other software can be found in the links section.

Useful Links
Other Utilities
Technical Information
WOS Archive

Download these fonts and copy them to the Font Directory in Windows.

Original Spectrum Font
Spectrum Keyboard Font



Various sampled sound and Midi Tunes from some top Spectrum Games.

10 Midi Tunes
Sampled Spectrum Sounds


Graphics & Sprites

A small selection of Graphics and Sprites. These files are ones I have used and have been gathered from various other sites.

Original Ultimate Advert
Spites from various Ultimate games
Sprites from the game Starquake
Various animated Gifs
Grafix from the game Doomsdark Revenge
Grafix from the game Lords Of Midnight
Grafix from the game Dynamite Dan
Grafix from the Game Nodes of Yesod


Spectrum Manuals

The following manuals are available for download.

ZX Spectrum 48K Manual
ZX Spectrum 128K Manual
ZX Spectrum +3 Manual


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