During the life of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, their were many magazines. In the early days Sinclair Projects was a favourite. With it's listings of programs to type in. During the Golden Years most of these magazines were dedicated to games. Unfortunately these magazines started to give away free games in the late 80`s which was a large contributing factor in the fall of the Sinclair Spectrum as one of the most popular computers available. Once the onset of the 16-bit market took hold of the home computer market, the magazines slowly disappeared as the popularity for the Spectrum disappeared. Some of the magazines fought on and in a last ditched effort to support Spectrum users, they even merged. Nothing was to save the Spectrum or it`s magazines and eventually they all went.

These magazines are kept alive by enthusiasts and Spectrum lovers all over the world with their websites. Some of these you will find links too on this page.


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