There is a huge amount of technical information regarding the ZX Spectrum, here are a few sites that provide that information
World Of Spectrum Probably the daddy of all Spectrum websites. Containing links, downloads and and awfull lot more.
Information Repository The Lil Old Sinclair Computer Technical Information Repository you will find information concerning 8 bit computers
Spectrum Hardware Home Of The Spectrum Hardware Index
Mad Hippy A huge collection of downloadable documentation
Old Computers A virtual museum of 8-bit computers
Nostalgia Products A lot of information about Sinclair Clones
8-bit Nirvana A German website that has a host of information about all those 8-bit computers.
Spectrum Roms Collection of all the Spectrum-related ROMs that exist. These are not games, but hardware roms
Planet Sinclair A lot of information about all the Sinclair Products
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