IIn April 1983 my dad bought me my first computer, a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16k. I can remember being a little upset because I had set my heart on an Oric 1. Thank god for Dads. For the first couple of months I never had a tape recorder or a TV of my own. Every saturday morning I was allowed to have my Spectrum set up until Grandstand came on. The only games I had to play were the ones in Sinclair Projects (my fave game was 5`s if anybody remembers it).

From 1983 to about 1989 I went though about 7 Spectrums. The first 3 were blown up trying to upgrade to a 48k. I then went through a few 128k Spectrums because I kept pulling out the interfaces whilst the power was switched on. I eventually sold the lot on 1989, this included over 1000 games and several adventures that I had written in GAC. All of which were turned down by various software companies. Like a lot of people I really regret selling my Speccy and all of those games. I moved onto an Atari STE and then an Amiga. I never sold those and still have the Amiga set up in the atic.

During my Spectrum years I remember wanting all the hardware that was available, the joystick interfaces and currah microspeach. Now thanks to car boot sales I can now have these items at a low low cost. My best buy being a ZX80 for 50p. I also have a large collection of all those other 8-bit machines that out the same time as the Spectrum.

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