As with any retro computer collector comes the add-ons. I try to collect as much hardware as possible, but some people just try to rip you off if they think that it may be worth something.
  Add-on Comments
  Currah Microspeach No box, but I have got the tape
  Currah Microslot  
  Protek Prgrammable Interface I think this is version 2. Has a keyboard layout and you plug in the connections into the keys used
  DK Troniks keyboard  
  DK Troniks Lightpen Complete in box.
  Loads of joysticks Including Konix and Sinclairs own
  Various Joystick interfaces  
  Multiface 3  
  Multiface 128 Complete in box
  Light Gun 2
  Genius Mouse Interface  
  Movable Keyboard for ZX81 Complete in packaging and with keyboard overlays
  Varous +3 discs  
  Cheetah Bug Joystick Complete with Box
  16k Martech Rampack for ZX81 Includes Wobble :)
  Add-on Comments
  Light Pen for C64 Never tried it
  Disk Drive for C64 Never tried it
  Disk Drive for BBC  
  Cub monitor Came with the BBC
  Atari 2600 convertor for Colecovision Play Atari 2600 games on the Colecovision
  CD Rom for A1200  
  Sound Samplers for A1200  
  Squiral SCSI for A1200  
  52 meg external HD for A500  
  Action Replay for A500  
  Genlock for A500  
  Back up to VHS for A500  
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