This is a collection of all my 8-bit hardware. This is mainly Sinclair, but does include a few others.
  Computer Comments
  ZX80 Cost 50p from a car boot sale. Came with a few books but no power supply. Works fine
  ZX81 3 of these
  Spectrum 48k I have 2 of these. One complete and mint in the box
  Spectrum +  
  Spectrum 128 Poor condition
  Specturm +2 Complete and mint in box
  Spectrum +2a Two of these
  Spectrum +3  
  Sinclair Scientific Calculator Not a computer. Does not work if anybody knows how to fix them
  Other 8-bit Computers
  Computer Comments
  Commodore Vic 20  
  Commodre +4  
  Commodre 64 3 of these. 2 in box and one with new style keyboard. Including a disk drive
  Apple II  
  TI99/4a 2 of these. One in box
  Oric 1  
  Aquarius Complete with tape recorder and boxed cartridges
  Dragon 32  
  Dragon 64  
  BBC model B Complete with monitor and disk drives
  Micro Professor  
  Sword M5  
  Atari 800  
  Tandy Not sure which model
  Amstrad NC100 Worked at first now it is dead. It was a great little computer
  Other Items
  Computer Comments
  Coleco Vision Complete with Atari convertor, steering wheel
  Atari 2600 3 of these with about 60 cartridges
  Vectrex With about 7 cartridges
  Game and Watch About 10 game and watch games
  Sega Saturn  
  Amstrad GX4000 Mint in box
  Numerous Pong style games Some boxed, some not. Some are very unusual
  Atari STFM  
  Amiga 500 Four of these. One boxed. Two are 500+
  Amiga 600 This is in bits
  Amiga 1200 Two of these one in the box
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