Without the Software companies supplying crazy kids with hundreds of new games every week, the Spectrum would probably have been as popular as an Oric. Some of these companies deserve credit and recognition for moulding the format of games for years to come.

Some of these games, even though the graphics now look poor compared to todays graphics of the Playstation and other consoles, but the one thing these consoles cannot take away from these classic Spectrum games are their superb gameplay. Some of these games are recognised by this website.

Even if your Spectrum has long since gone you gan still play and enjoy these games in the comfort of your own PC. This is accomplished by the use of an emulator and game roms. There are many emulators about for nearly every platform. Links to these emulators and game roms can be found in the links section.

I am slowly creating a list of these software houses and links to fan websites and official website.


Software Houses
Gremlin Graphics
Melbourne House



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