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  Game Publisher 128k Comments
  Styx Bug Byte    
  Superfile Tynesoft yes Double cassette with Ian Bothams cricket
  Space Harrier Elite    
  Short Circuit The Hit Squad    
  Super Trolley Mastertronic    
  Stifflip & Co Palace Software    
  Survival Sinclair    
  Star Firebirds Firebird    
  Super Scramble Kixx    
  Skateboard Construction System Players    
  Star Trader Bug Byte    
  Startquake Bubble Bus    
  Super Trux Encore    
  SAS Combat Codemasters    
  Speed King 2 Mastertronic    
  Schizoids Imagine    
  Splat Incentive    
  School Daze Microsphere    
  Space Hunter Mastertronic    
  Screen Heros Oceon   7 games compilation pack
  Savage Firebird    
  Strontium Dog Quicksilva    
  Sports Hero Melbourne House    
  Super Hang-on Electric Dreams    
  Samantha Fox strip poker React    
  Spectrum Voice Chess Artic    
  Starship Enterprise Silversoft    
  Ship Of Doom Artic   2 Copies with different covers
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