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I have all the cover tapes below, some have covers some don`t. Some of them I am not sure of the issue number or date
  Magazine Information Comments
  ACE July 1988  
    Megatape No. 3 Nightmare Rally
  Spectrum Computing July/August 1983  
  Sinclair user The Megatape The Tube/Glider Rider
  Sinclair User July 1992  
  Sinclair User 10 Pack  
  Sinclair User Great 8 (15) feb 92  
  Sinclair User Great 8 (5)  
  Sinclair User   Zarjas Megagame
  Sinclair User August 1992  
  Your Spectrum Megabasic  
  Your Sinclair September 1991  
  Your Sinclair Moley Christmas  
  Your Sinclair   Nightmare on Robinson Street
  Your Sinclair   Pacland
  Your Sinclair   Dun Darch
  Your Sinclair   Hold my hand very tightly
  Your Sinclair Number 3  
  Your Sinclair   rebelstar 2
  Your Sinclair Tape 34  
  Your Sinclair The Magnificent 7 (3)  
  Your Sinclair Four Pack (1)  
  Your Sinclair Four Pack (2)  
  Your Sinclair Four Pack (4)  
  Your Sinclair Issue 75 / March 92  
  C&VG Thundercats  
  Crash June 1989  
  Crash July 1989  
  Crash Sneak Preview Tape Christmas 1988
  Crash August 1989  
  Crash May 1991  
  Crash October 1989  
  Crash February 1991  
  Crash July 1991  
  Crash September 1989  
  Crash November 1989  
  Crash January 1990  
  Crash March 1990  
  Crash May 1990  
  Crash April 1990  
  Crash Dec 1990  
  Crash May 1991  
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