48k Spectrum
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Built In I/O

These are the loudspeaker, cassette interface and the keyboard, and all are controlled by the ULA. The cassette and the loudspeaker are both handled by a single connection and are in a sense, a single I/O device.

Instead of assigning address spaces to each device, they are instead assigned a particular bit of an address. They are active when the bit is zero.

Bit 0: ULA keyboard/loudspeaker/cassette
Bit 1: Not used
Bit 2: ZX Printer
Bit 3: Microdrives and Interface 1
Bit 4: Microdrives and Interface 1
Bits 5,6,7: For special uses
Bits 8 - 15: Used to determine which column of the keyboard is being used.

Thus, any I/O address that has bit 2 set to zero selects the printer. When inputting data, bit 0 represents the keyboard and when outputting data, bit 0 represents the loudspeaker and cassette. As discussed next.

This gives us a bit-pattern of 0000000011111110 for the ULA (or 254 in decimal). This is found by bit 0 zero representing the ULA, bits 1 to 7 as the devices (set to 1 for off), and bits 8 to 15 are used by the keyboard.


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